Software for Healthcare Hospitality Houses

HouseMate is complete Guest and Facility Management Software that streamlines day-to-day operations and reporting in your Healthcare Hospitality House, giving you accurate information and more time for what is really important: better care for the guests and families that you serve.

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Online Room Requests

Receive room request applications/referrals through your website

Wait List Management

Seamlessly manage families waiting to be accommodated

Room Census

Quick check-in and check-out processes, comprehensive oversight of rooms and room occupants

Room Payments and Third-Party Invoicing

Track room rental payments and/or manage and invoice third-parties

Day Use

Manage and track usage of your day use programs

Centralized Guest Database

View a guest's entire history with your organization in one place

Daily 'Health Checks'

Keep track of daily screening or health checks for house occupants

Facility Management

Track and manage room issues, closures, inventory and cleaning for guest rooms, offices, common areas, etc.

Communication Journal

A centralized place for internal communication between shifts and staff members


Provide staff with quick and easy access to important information about your guests

Track Loaned Items/Lost and Found

Manage items that you've loaned to your guests, or track items that have been lost and/or found

Powerful Reporting

Streamlined monthly/quarterly/annual operations summaries, and detailed operational reports

Comprehensive Security

Grant or revoke user permissions with comprehensive user management

Manage Multiple Locations

Organizations with multiple locations can manage all of their houses/locations in one place

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

User interface designed to support day-to-day activities, and minimize training requirement for new users

Support your guests better.

HouseMate is complete Guest and Facility Management Software that helps you better execute on your mission of providing caring and comfortable accommodations for your guests and their families, while they are away from home due to required medical care.

Created and developed with direct input from and in close cooperation with users, HouseMate is designed to help your Healthcare Hospitality House become more efficient in its day-to-day operations, be more accurate in data collection, and take the pain out of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

Since 2012, HouseMate and its counterpart GRMHIS have been successfully implemented in over 30 healthcare hospitality house organizations across Canada and the United States.


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HouseMate: Software for Healthcare Hospitality Houses
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Is your organization a Ronald McDonald House? If so, check out HouseMate's counterpart, GRMHIS, which is designed specifically for Ronald McDonald Houses!